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FH009 Home Theatre system
FHOO9 Home Theatre System
 £895 (inc VAT)

The FHOO9 is an integrated A/V Sound system, combining two Horn speakers, and two Bass speakers with an integrated amplifier. Along with your flat screen TV, it will provide you with a full Home Cinema experience. It will also be your High Fidelity sound system.

Download the brochure / picture gallery / below for the full details and specifications. 

Buy now from our website and receive free shipping to 28 European countries. We also have a 7 day home trial so that you can try out the system in your own home. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied we can arrange pickup and provide a full refund.

Introducing the Ferguson Hill FHOO9 Home Theatre System

Movie makers believe that the sound of a film is as much part of the experience as the picture. That’s why we have developed the FHOO9 Home Theatre System.

We believe that in order to get the maximum viewing pleasure from your high definition home theatre system, then you should complement that with high-fidelity sound.

With the FHOO9 Home Theatre System we’ve combined high concept design, unique looks and precision engineering, to provide the discerning customer with a speaker system that not only will turn heads, but also produce a listening experience which is warm, pin-drop clear and life affirming.

Clarity of Sound

The FHOO9 patented di-polar horn speakers are designed to avoid the sound interference caused by encasing or boxing a speaker system’s drive units. Unless you use expensive dampener materials, sound waves created by the drive unit will rattle around the box and eventually interfere with the sound that you hear coming out of the front of the speakers. This interference causes the sound to be muffled and flat. The FHOO9, by using horn loaded drivers for the mid and treble frequencies that are open at the back, avoids these problems and hence gives outstanding sound quality.

Great Acoustics

The shape of the FHOO9 horn speakers allows sound to be more easily amplified and therefore provides fantastic phase coherence at frequency ranges the human ear is most sensitive to (340Hz-20KHz) – the sound of the human voice. If vocals and natural sounds are important to you, then you will love these speakers.

Fantastic Stereo Imaging

The FHOO9 horn speakers are directional speakers designed to give fantastic sound imaging The illusion, that you get only with high quality sound systems, is that the sound you are hearing is coming live from the room you are in. This will make your movies “come alive”.


The FHOO9 horn speakers are made of transparent high quality acrylic in order for them to be unobtrusive, minimalist, modern and visually arresting like no other systems on the market. The FHOO9 system has been designed to fit around your flat screen TV and become the hub of your home audio visual entertainment system.

High Specification & Quality Materials

The FHOO9 integrated amp is the only class A-B amplifier that can be found in speakers anywhere near its price range. (most comparable systems use a class D amp). Uniquely the FHOO9 is a transconductance-voltage amp made of more than 4lbs of high quality copper, along with high spec capacitors powering the speaker units neodymium magnets. The system uses the best and most expensive materials to ensure that there is no compromise on build quality and sound experience.

Flexibility and Ease of Use

The FHOO9 is easy to plug and play with any device with an audio out line. Simply use the leads provided to connect to your TV, DVD, Games Console, HiFi, MP3 player, or wireless base station so that you can stream music direct from your PC or Mac. One high quality speaker system – many uses.

Big Sound

The FHOO9 can generate a big sound, and with its fantastic stereo imaging will make your TV sound sensational.


Ferguson Hill FHOO9 - CES Unveiled Press.pdf
Ferguson Hill FHOO9 - CES Unveiled Press.pdf
Ferguson Hill FHOO9 Company Profile Press.pdf
Ferguson Hill FHOO9 Company Profile Press.pdf

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